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The World's First Sustainable Soy Adhesive Solution

Nvirovate Materials offers nature's soy pressure sensitive adhesive.  Nvirovate is the only pressure sensitive adhesive portfolio that reduces global greenhouse gases aiding the global business challenge to achieve carbon neutrality. Nvirovate products are made from soy oil, compostable and less expensive than petroleum adhesives offering an emission-free solution.

Adhesive, bio-based, compostable, affordable
Adhesive, bio-based, compostable, affordable
Adhesive, bio-based, compostable, affordable

Petroleum & GHG Free:

Better for the Planet

Our mission is to deliver the world's first portfolio of compostable soy oil pressure sensitive adhesives and related products that cost less, are comparable in performance to petroleum-based adhesives and use less energy to produce within a closed-loop sustainable, environmentally favorable cycle.

Nvirovate Materials: Fossil-Free Solution

SoyOilBeeker_109206041 copy.jpeg
Adhesive, bio-based, compostable, affordable
Innovation Driven

Our innovative market-ready adhesives are the result of 11 years of polymer chemistry research. Patented globally, our products are market ready to meet customer sustainability objectives

Adhesive, bio-based, compostable, affordable

Next Generation Technologies

Nvirovate Materials drive next generation material development through deep industry partnerships that facilitates environmentally sound innovations.

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