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World's First Pressure Sensitive Adhesive that Removes CO2 from the Atmosphere

Nvirovate Materials produce and sell PSAs from 4 N/inch to 25 N/inch, spanning sticky notes to tapes for the labeling, protective films, packaging and consumer markets. Our selection of PSAs serve the commercial and industrial markets where a compostable, closed-loop product adds financial and sustainable. Nvirovate products use  no solvents, no water, are comprised of over 93% organic materials, processed using UV light on existing equipment, are stable for over one year, compostable and are not required to be compounded within a oxygen-free environment.


Product Features

  • NVM have the highest natural content of any adhesive, over 93% and as high as 96.5%.

  • The starting materials are renewable, inexpensive, and abundantly available.

  • NVM products create zero Green House Gases (GHGs) or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), use no solvents or water resulting in a low energy process resulting in transport costs 50% of competing PSA products.

  • NVM products are cured using Ultraviolet (UV) sources, faster and less energy than thermal cure.

  • NVM PSAs eliminate the need for process drying lines, natural gas burners, condensers or GHG removal.

  • NVM PSAs are oxygen tolerant –  reducing manufacturing cost and increasing throughput.

  • NVM formulations have excellent stability; materials may be stored over a year and transported across oceans in shipping containers.

  • All formulations are viscous at Room Temperature and melt to a workable viscosity at 70-100C.

  • NVM PSAs are compostable in standard waste disposal facilities.

  • NVM PSAs are highly processable and easy to manufacture with existing infrastructure.

  • NVM PSAs can be delivered at cost parity with competing products provided supply chain efficiencies are achieved through bulk pricing.



Nvirovate Materials have developed an ecosystem comprised of material suppliers, global and regional adhesive manufactures,  coaters and converters, film producers and end customers within the label, protective film, packaging, electronics, tape and healthcare industries.  Working with scaled manufacturers Nvirovate will reduce capital expenditures reducing product cost of sale by leveraging existing client channels. 


Sustainability Service

Nvirovate Materials goal is to eliminate green house gases from pressure sensitive adhesives.  To achieve this goal we offer a business model that delivers sustainability to the packaging and commercial industry by offering a turnkey, quantifiable CO2 reduction.

While the traditional model for an adhesive supplier has been to sell adhesive to a mechanical, thermal or performance specification, our intent is to supply greenhouse gas reduction through the incorporation of our adhesive into products supplying sustainability LCA accounting that enables a business to gain credit for their material choice. Nvirovate Materials enables brand owners and global companies to reduce GHG emissions displacing current adhesive with Nvirovate adhesives.  This material choice enables companies to generate an internal voluntary carbon credit with monetary value and ESG ramifications.

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